Why deers are prominent animals in sexual qigong?


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In clinic often people come with questions about fertility and abilities in sexual practices. In Chinese medicine and gongfu we call this the ‘art of the bedchamber’. There is a history of over 2000 years on this, in someways even older than those of the kama Sutra from India. The purpose is mostly health, though, not pleasure. Pleasure was in Chinese culture sometimes frowned upon.

But thre were Deer Exercises, hands-on techniques used to expand our sexual pleasure. It works to cultivate sexual joy, unleash the potential for full body orgasms and improve our life vitality. And the best bit is that it only takes a few minutes a day.

The Deer Exercise works by activating your sexual organs. It keeps the blood flow active and nourishes these organs along with your entire body. Increased blood flow to your sex organs means more arousal and a higher libido. Aspects of the pleasure side and th health side you find often mixed into other systems, like the Zhong wujigong. There is an exercise called heaven makes the monkey move (below) that helps to massage our sexual organs through eg movement, thus advancing libido and fertility.

You may ask, why the deer as symbol for sexual libido? Well, from ancient times practitioners noticed that three animals seemed to all live long lives in states of constant health. These animals were the turtle, the crane, and the deer. Deer in particular, have a potent sexual and reproductive ability that lasts well beyond the span of most other animals.

In practice singular Deer exercises come in male and female variations. They revolve around rhytmic contractions of the uretra muscle, which controls the free flow of urine, directs seminal flow in men and helps female erection of the internal vagina.

Sure, there are also other aspects to it, but for this post this is enough details. You have to understand your focus. For instance it is also part of the breath daoyin we offer as a course, as a stag rotation exercise. many other details. If you like to learn more, just contact us with your questions.

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