It is amazing that after 100 years of struggle between naturopath medicine and allopathic medicine nobody managed to develop a healthcare system based on Naturopath Medicine. For the last 20 years the Daoland founder Rene Goris has been working towards a sound basis for such a Healthcare. Read here more about the story and why you want to sign up for your seat in the program:

One of the big objections against naturopath therapies is its lack of coherence. People simply do not co-operate to help humanity. Everybody is just working for him or herself, taking the scraps off the table of the regulated healthcare systems ruling the health of people. We all know this healthcare is a scam too, not that the regular therapists do not have the right intentions, but it is its earnings and costs model that is the problem.

Rene Goris did study for ages at university to develop the Daoland Healthbuilder program both as a criticism of regular healthcare and as an improvement. For one it doesn’t reject regular medical science, the program just proves that you do not need it to generate health. It also isnt product or technology based, but it is based on how the human body functions through gradual change under the influence of epigenetic science, that shows that behavior rules health. Rene Goris became a Daoist monk (You Li-Ou) to find access to the depths of Chinese medicine skipped by modern TCM and he found out what aspects science and Daoist medicine agree upon in regard to the 13 major aspects of health. But three of them are essential to generate good health in taking care of your self. These are the principles of eating, the principles of the ability to move with ease and without pain, and the principles of focus and calming of our minds. By learning thes basics of these three you generate a superior health.

How does the program do that? Well, it is easy. Normally we exercise, eat and think in a state of anxiety. It is a natural urge to consume as much as possible. Advertisements prey on that and try to sell you more to consume. But healthcare has to do the opposite. It has to alter your fears and generate trust in your abilities and create the space in your mind to see things as it is. And it isn’t very difficult to achieve it. If you wish you can achieve it in 6 months, or more slow if you are strapped on time. But when you have learned these skills, you will forever be able to reduce your health bills. You can use regular healthcare for those rare moments you actually might need it.

The program you can find out more about by following this link  or by watching this video

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