Daoland Healthcare is about th study of Chinese medicine, or better even, the Chinese medicines. The reality is that there are many modern approaches to study, and a few oldschool approaches. Oldchool like Daoland does focus on Ming dynasty learning methods, and many Ming dynasty ideas. But also older ones, and also the many different fields of medicine, between acupuncture, food medicine, herbal medicine, massage, daoyin, breathwork, martial arts, ritual, magical script, and even shamanic like trance work.

The foundation of all these arts or sciences is in the restoration of health. So Chinese medicine primarily is a healthcare. treatment of disease should be the exeption. That is what the Daoland program is all about.

In the west in fact there is no such things as health practice. Many things are considered healthy, but we cannot present these things like some sort of consistent method or theory of why and how to stay or become healthy.

In Chinese culture on the other hand health practice is a common thing, so common that everyone knows at least a few things that is supposed to help develop or keep health sturdy. Not all methods work with precision but it does allow for interaction of the person with him or herself. Daoist arts focus on that because at the top end for health we find sagehood, and immortality. 

This Daoland news site aims to help you find your way in Chinese ideas about health and disease, but it also aims to stimulate you to take more responsibility for being human, healthy and enjoying your life

I will let you in on a secret already: In Chinese and other east Asian Cultures Beauty treatment, self-cultivating exercise, and medicine treatment are closely interrelated. Health is considered to be expressed by inner and outer radiance and beauty.  Beauty is a pathway to wisdom. To learn the goals of such methods we need to become acquinted with principles of both beauty and ugliness. Laozi says:

When people know the beautiful as beautiful

The ugly becomes visible too

When people know the good as good

The evil becomes known too

They always exist together

Being and not being come together

Difficult and easy shape each other

Long and short are defined

High and low contrast

Sound and voice harmonize

Front and back emerge

Thus when a sage you act conform the naturally revolving dao

And let things be done in harmony and balance

Teach by your own appearance and manners

Rather than offering just words and gestures

As a sage you just act

Let the living live without interference

Take no credit for their actions

Being complete and capable when acting but without arrogance

When finished take no claim

Because there is no claim, nobody can take the effect of their work away

You like to know more? Let us know! Become part of  a solution. 

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