You Li-Ou received his daoist name in 2000 from Shifu You Xuande. Before that time he studied Daoism and for a while also Lamaist Buddhism. His PP name is Rene Goris, PhD.

His studies started when 11 years old, like it is normal in China, but he was that time in a small provencial city in the Netherlands. He tried practices to recover from a kidney disease he was born with. An operation of his kidneys succeeded only half. He kept waking up during the 4 hour operation. He was thought to have been bedded in the hospital for at least 9 weks, but after 6 weeks they had to let him go home. This is when his training started. Before the operation he did gymnastics, but he was told that if he did any sports he would die from it. Anyway they gave him at most to live to 40-45 years old. Now he is near 60 years old, as a result of not heeding his doctors warning. He studied Taijigongfu, Qigong, Yijing, fengshui, Daoist ritual and esoterics, performed exorcisms, healings, mediumistic activitities, etc, all for the sake of study. At the IOU university, now closed for students, he graduated for his PhD after doing 13 years of research in Daoist communities in China. He held posts as teacher and practitioner in clinics in the Netherlands, and China. He became a monk to have access to the information he needed in his program for comparative medicine east and west, studied anthropology and religion studies. Since he has been lecturing at conferences over the world, deeloped the Daolad Healthcare program as an online support program in education, community building, and deelopment of superior academic skills in Daoist medicine.

Some of the masters he studied with were Shen Hongxun, He Fuchen, Liu Andong Daoshi, Wang Guangde Daoshi, You Xuande Daoshi, Lama Kalu Rimpochee, Karmapa, Tulku Urgyian Rimpochee, Lama Karta, Dalai Lama, Kundalin Rimpochee. He also studied cultures and methods of Australian first people, American First people elders and others.

Currently I teach online:

  • Bamboo Qigong for harmonization, rejuvenation, and pregnancy health maintenance, 
  • Wudang long form taijiquan
  • Wudang taijiquan neidan alchemical practice
  • Wudang Breath Yoga/Daoyin for irpon finger, diamond body, immortal life
  • Wudang play yoga to keep the body fresh
  • Zhong Wujigong Cosmological practice
  • Yijing counselling
  • Daoist/Orthodox Chinese Medicine

Onsite in my clinic near Amsterdam (NL) or on location:

  • Disease and fertility treatment with acupuncture
  • Rejuvenation acupuncture for face, body parts, overweight
  • Revalidation with Tuina mobilisation, Anmo oil massage, pressure point/shiatsu massage
  • Yijing, fengshui, astrological, karmic and tantric counselling
  • Daoist medicine food counselling and learning to eat spiritually and ecologically correct
  • Private lessons
  • Workshops for teambuilding
  • Lectures
  • Retreats

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