Finalizing the Daoland Healthcare Toolsets: Daoland Health Club


In the last few months the site has been a bit slow in addition of new posts. The main reason was the busy program development. As you know Daoland healthcare is a long term idealistc program to provide an effective set of tools to manage your health yourself, and to take care of your family, community, or at an even larger scale.

Before we have been working at the top of the program with our Bachelor studies Yangsheng Education program. This program is for professional health educators. Now we go start with our Master program for therapists. We were also working at our healthbuilder instructor program, and that is an ongoing project.

At this moment we bring together several aspects of our program in a set up that allows for access to our online live classes program, but that also provides many prerecorded classes for a variety of Daoist medicine exercise methods, in yoga, qigong, daoyin, breathwork, taijiquan, meditation etc, and then on top of that a lot of informative material written and in video. This is the essential root program that we have called the Daoland Health Club. Follow this link to go there and sign up!

In the program you learn a lot about your health, what other tools we have, and it opens optionms to develop your family care. Look for this to our next post, upcoming!

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