Every year we do a special introduction class for the Ling body practice. Usually this is between Christmas and New Year. If you like to participate make sure you stay in touch. 

Ling body techniques or development of the Daoist Radiant Body is a preliminary method in daoist neidan alchemy. It finds application in medicinal diagnosis, ritual, communication with gods and spirits, plantspirits in the case of herbal medicine, transcendency towards the 5 forms of immortality, astral travel,  insight in karmic causality, past life reexperience, and what we could summarize as the siddhis. For each of these skills additional learning and practice is required, but the basic practice already helps generate deep connection with the ling of living creatures in your environment, helping to overcome anxieties about life, feeling the connection with nature etc.

The teacher is You Li-Ou, who started to learn this practice from when he was 24 years old. When you learn this moment in this event or through private instruction online or at his working clinic or at a retreat, you will rapidly experience changes in self experience, although to be on the safe side, it takes about 9 months of daily practice to bring forth what is called the embryonic ling body and it is through daily practice that it gradually matures.

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